The movement

The movement

True heart of every Naeschke clock

“Whoever is satisfied with the good, will never reach the best.”

This quotation satisfies the philosophy, development and scrutiny of any clock movement made in the clockworks of Matthias Naeschke. All our designs are created on the foundation of being one of the best hand-crafted movements in the world.

However, that philosophy alone is not sufficient to establish this claim. Each new movement is a continuation of the ancient art of clockmaking, combined and complemented with new, innovative ideas. Starting from its final function it is designed and meticulously crafted because only when it is thoroughly well planned in advance, will it provide lasting quality.



Our declared aim is technical perfection

Aesthetic features of the movement are also essential to draw the viewer into its spell. Secrets and functional processes are made visible and comprehendible by artful cutouts in the massive main plates. Solid, well-shaped pillars form the foundation of any Matthias Naeschke movement and precision gearing guarantees a uniform power transmission and has a fundamental influence on the long term accuracy of the clock. Our escapements are all our own designs and optimized for the respective application in a particular movement.

Our long running clocks are unique in the world

From the first marking of the raw material to the finished assembled movement, all steps of fabrication are executed by the sensitive hands of our clockmakers with a constant urge for absolute perfection. Seeking for lowest possible friction, we were the first clockmakers ever to use stainless precision ball bearings in our movements. Ruby bearings are used where they are required for technical reasons. Over the years, round ruby pallets and extremely large escape wheels have become an unmistakable hallmark of our movements. We are the only clock manufacturer world-wide that produces long running clocks such as our four year runner. With the high quality standards imposed on ourselves we can create only a very limited quantity of our premium clock movements in our manufactory every year.

Seal of quality of our manufactory-movements

The embossed coat of arms

An embossed coat of arms is seal of quality and recognition of all our clock movements. It is a distilled representation of the ancestral family emblem of the Naeschke family from the 17th century. No clock – whether longcase clock, table clock, regulator or organ clock – leaves our manufactory without this signature embossed on one of the main plates.