The gilded movement of or new table clock NT 11 with four large wheels in the gear train, designed in the classic golden ratio, is skeletonized in the typical Naeschke style. It rests on four Tuscan columns, each composed of six separate parts. Behind the clockwork, the compensation pendulum oscillates in half-second intervals. It is the first time we have adapted our proven principle of dual drive weights to a table clock. This made it possible to produce a 7-day mechanism with very compact dimensions and a very stable accuracy over the entire running period.

This new model is available as rhodium-plated version NT 11 RH with a highly polished base made of cherry wood and imbued with a specially developed dark finish and rhodium-plated brass inlays. It also can be ordered as yellow gold version NT 11 GG with a bright base that is made of olive burl, cherry wood and gilded metal inlays.