In addition to our existing clock collection, we design and produce very special - and often very complicated - clocks for our customers. Just recently we completed the most complicated table clock which has ever left our manufactory. The movement is mounted on a dark wooden base protected by a solid, rhodium-plated glass shade with two doors. The going train and striking mechanism of this exclusive timepiece are driven each by barrel and fusee. A Swiss lever platform escapement with a screw balance is fitted inside the movement.

The clock has a motion work on the front and reverse side of the clockwork and thus has two dials. It combines 7 complications in a confined space. In addition to the time display in 12 hours and 24 hours, the dials show a world time display, a perpetual calendar with leap year display, a second time zone, a display of calendar weeks and a power reserve indicator for the going train and strike train. Another special feature of the movement is a remind function. On a separate 24-hour sub-dial, a pair of hands can be set to the minute when you would like to be reminded of an appointment or any other event of the day. Instead of rattling like an ordinary alarm clock sounds a harmonious triad on bells several times in succession. Incidentally the clockwork is a long runner with a 60-day power reserve.

The dials of this table clock are real masterpieces of engraving. They are composed of several individual chapter rings and segments of sterling silver. Our master engraver has worked out every detail with a steady hand. If one looks closer one will discover how each engraved line is executed exactly and plastically. A great effect that is never be achieved by any color printing.

Another refinement of this table clock case is hidden. A large, ball-bearing turntable is inserted into the base, whereby the entire housing floats almost invisibly 1 mm above the ground. This allows in no time to rotate the whole clock around its own axis. Thus it allows to change between the dial views quickly and without great effort, or to see through the faceted glass panes the highly polished and rhodium plated movement at work.

After more than six months of manufacturing this outstanding table clock has just left our workshop and is on its way to the customer.