Eingangshallenuhr für Waldorf Astoria

31 floors, 152 deluxe and superior rooms, 80 suites, stylish restaurants and bars, a light-drenched ballroom with 7 m high ceilings and a lavish spa and wellness area – the newly opened five-star hotel Waldorf Astoria Berlin combines it all in perfection. Of course the entrance hall of this first-class address captivates its guests with an outstanding charm and contemporary design. And following the tradition of the famous Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York it is also equipped with an outstanding clock. This clock with a total height of 2.90 metres has a prominent position in the lobby and was created by the clock manufactory Matthias Naeschke, in cooperation with the supervising Paris design office. An absolute prerequisite for this horological project was to create something, that goes beyond normal requirements for a clock and that lasts for generations.

The case of the clock is made of solid brass profiles and 10 mm glazed panels, which permits a view of the mechanics of the heavy movement. A white dial with a diameter of 1 metre makes time visible even from a distance. The movement of the clock is the biggest ever made in the Matthias Naeschke workshop. Majestically it is enthroned in the head of the case and visible from behind. All parts are finished to absolute perfection. It has highly polished main plates and wheels which are gilded in the long standing tradition of Matthias Naeschke clocks. The compensated pendulum has a total height of 2 metres and beats the unusual frequency of 1.33 seconds. Driven by two weights this clock has a power reserve of six months.

In March 2013, the official opening ceremony took place and the first Waldorf Astoria hotel outside the USA welcomed its guests. So we are proud of having been selected to make a contribution to the start of a new story around the famous Waldorf Astoria. Thus, as with the legendary Waldorf Astoria New York, the phrase “meet me under the clock at the Waldorf”, this fantastic clock is bestowed with a fine tradition – right in the heart of the German capital Berlin.