NT 12

The table clock NT 12 is proof that the mechanics of clockmaking are limitless. The movement is a real powerhouse. Two weighty barrels together provide nearly 20 kilograms of spring force that pull on a single steel wire of just one millimetre diameter. Thus the entire power is transmitted to the fusee and through it to the going train. A conventional fusee chain would not withstand this enormous burden and break unpredictably. So why does the NT 12 require so much more energy than similar spring-driven movements?

This is due to the considerable running time of more than one year. The wheels and the entire frame of this clock have been proportionally sized for this purpose. The pillars which connect the main plates to each other are positioned so that there may be no distortion. Much of the beautifully finished gilded mechanism is visible through its creative design and arrangement. The movement sits on four solid columns forming a platform. What a pity that this magnificent clock needs truly little compassion. Get more information: NT12