Matthias Naeschke (born 1943) is a skilled clockmaker, technical designer and church organist. For some years he was working in the finest jewellery shops of Switzerland and England. After his technical studies, he developed and designed mechanical movements for several industrial companies. At that time the era of handcrafted production of clocks was nearly at an end.

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Matthias Naeschke started in 1984 in a small atelier in his private home to build organ clocks. Thus he was the first organist artisan in 150 years to study the art and revive the high craft of the organ-clockmaker. Today, Matthias Naeschke and his workmen are the only makers of new organ clocks in the world today. The objective of Matthias Naeschke is to develop classical craftsmanship, find new solutions and to explore physics in the realms of high horology.

One of the foundation members of the AHCI

Matthias Naeschke is one of the foundation members of the Académie Horologère Des Créateurs Indépendants (AHCI) – where he has been a member since 1986. The members of the AHCI want to prove that beside industrial watch and clock manufacturing, there is also a need for manual and artistic watch and clockmaking and that individual craftsmanship can still occupy an important place. The existence of the AHCI is based on a dependable know-how of classical watch and clockmaking. The members of the AHCI promote exceptional horological innovations as well as special technical and artistic executions.

Matthias Naeschke