Highest quality since 1984

Precious as time itself

Finest quality, timeless elegance, highest precision. The highest maxim of our clock manufactory is to build the best clocks. Since 1984, we have been producing high-quality grandfather clocks, table clocks, regulators and, uniquely in the world, flute clocks or organ clocks. The strength of our company, which is rich in tradition, is the handcrafted precision of the production, the extremely high vertical range of manufacture as well as the realization of new ideas in classical clockmaking.

Crafted perfection for highest demands

This starts with the design and construction of the gilded or rhodium plated movements. The design of the case is finalized together with the design and manufacture of dials and hands. Almost all parts of our clocks are made in our horological workshop. Even the smallest wheels and pinions are manufactured in-house, hardened, mirror-polished and perfected until they meet the highest possible standards of our meticulous clockmakers.

Our clocks are made for passionate devotees who never want to miss the constant motion of a pendulum or who adore the beauty and precision of a movement, built into an elegant, aesthetically pleasing housing. This philosophy is to do justice to the demands of the highest standards of living and quality of life. Each clock that leaves our workshop is a unique masterpiece – built in traditional craftsmanship to last for generations – as it was over 200 years ago.

Matthias Naeschke

Clockmaker and musician with heart and soul

Matthias Naeschke (born 1943) is a skilled clockmaker, technical designer and church organist. For some years he was working in the finest jewellery shops of Switzerland and England. After his technical studies, he developed and designed mechanical movements for several industrial companies. At that time the era of handcrafted production of clocks was nearly at an end.

In 1984, Matthias Naeschke - in addition to his work as a design engineer in a large industrial company - began to revive a craft that had been extinct for over 150 years with a small series of only ten flute clocks. As a clock designer and passionate musician or organ builder, he was able to combine all his skills in the flute clock. Today, Matthias Naeschke and his workmen are the only makers of new organ clocks in the world today.

Every year new living room clocks and thoughts come out of the manufactory Matthias Naeschke. The objective of Matthias Naeschke is to develop classical craftsmanship, find new solutions and to explore physics in the realms of high horology.  Time and again, he, his son Sebastian and a select team of specialists prove that the development possibilities of classical watchmaking are far from exhausted.

"We acknowledge the significance of our culture, engage it, cherish its importance and sympathetically promote it - this is our objective."

One of the foundation members of the AHCI

Matthias Naeschke is one of the foundation members of the Académie Horologère Des Créateurs Indépendants (AHCI) – where he has been a member since 1986. The members of the AHCI want to prove that beside industrial watch and clock manufacturing, there is also a need for manual and artistic watch and clockmaking and that individual craftsmanship can still occupy an important place. The existence of the AHCI is based on a dependable know-how of classical watch and clockmaking. The members of the AHCI promote exceptional horological innovations as well as special technical and artistic executions.

"True luxury is to enjoy one's life with sensitivity and understanding, aware of the unstoppable time."

Sebastian Naeschke

Clockmaking is his vocation and his profession

Sebastian Naeschke (born 1971), an avid musician, is following in the footsteps of his father and is thus the second generation of family clockmakers carrying the prestigious Naeschke name. Inspired by the beautifully spiritual and artistic influence of his father, Sebastian finished his training at the celebrated Feintechnikschule in Villingen-Schwenningen and subsequently devoted himself to the watch and clockmaking profession.

Solid expertise and valuable experience abroad

After his graduation as a watch and clockmaker and on completion of civil service, he moved to Switzerland. Working several years as a watchmaker at the IWC in Schaffhausen, Sebastian Naeschke gathered valuable experience primarily as specialist for split-seconds chronographs. Thereafter he rounded out his skills and knowledge as manager for Helmut Sinn at his small watch workshop in Switzerland. He was responsible for design and making of the brands Guinand, Chronosport and Jubilar. Returning to Germany in 1999, he joined the management of the 1984-founded family business. Sebastian Naeschke became a member of the prestigious AHCI in 2006.

The long traditions of the manufactory of Matthias Naeschke has inevitably cast its spell on Sebastian Naeschke. The constant philosophical motivation of father and son is to seek out brilliant innovations and aesthetic solutions in fine clockmaking for the family company.

The small Hohenzollern town of Haigerloch

Home of our traditional clock manufactory

Set apart from the busy traffic and far away from the hectic bustle of the cities, our workshop is situated in the small Hohenzollern town of Haigerloch in Germany, a town rich in tradition, set in a spectacular location high above the Eyach valley. Haigerloch, the town of plentiful art and cultural monuments – the pearl of the Eyach valley – the lilac town.

Narrow, pretty cobbled streets, magnificent churches, beautifully renovated town houses, the “Römerturm”, an ancient keep which is almost 1000 years old, and a fine view of Haigerloch castle, which dates from about the same time. This is an ideal setting for our occupation and the finest traditions of clockmaking.

At first glance the idyllic and peaceful surroundings of this little medieval town gives us the impression that time has stood still. But on the contrary – in our exclusive clock manufactory it’s all about time. Our team of skilled specialists work high up above the Eyach valley in the historical centre of Haigerloch. Here you find our horological workshop where fine clocks are created, fashioned piece by piece in all the ways of traditional craftsmanship. Many a visitor to Haigerloch stands spellbound on hearing the delicate music floating out from the open windows of the workshop. For here, our team also builds precious music automatons and traditional organ clocks – the only ones in the world today.