NT 1 „Le bijou“

Precious jewel as a symbol of fine clockmaking

“For the gentleman the technology and for the lady the necklace”. Thus one might describe in brief the table clock NT 1 “Le bijou”, a variant of the NT 1 “L’amour” from our clock collection. For the first time in the history of our clockworks, the rim between the roots of the teeth and the arms of a wheel are set with precious stones. In the NT 1 “Le bijou” diamonds are set on the escape wheel - certainly the most delicate wheel of the entire clockwork.

108 sparkling diamonds

A veteran gem-setter works the escape wheel of this clock with great patience and manual dexterity. He sets 108 diamonds with a total w / vs 4.59 carats. Observing the moving escape wheel in the finished clock, the diamonds unobtrusively exude an indescribable fire. The table clock NT 1 “Le bijou” is a precious piece of jewelry. Handcrafted to perfection it is a highlight of fine clockmaking with a unique power reserve of 100 days.


  • Matthias Naeschke caliber 1
  • Power reserve 100 days
  • Spring drive with barrel and fuse
  • Skeletonized main plates of 4 mm brass and 3 solid pillars
  • Special feature: Escape wheel set with 108 diamonds of w/vs 4.59 carats
  • All brass parts are mirror polished and gilded
  • Pinions and arbors hardened and polished
  • Dead-beat “Naeschke” escapement with round ruby pallets
  • Compensation pendulum beating 108 per minute
  • 6 precision ball bearings, 7 ruby bearings


  • Hand-engraved chapter ring of 1.5 mm sterling silver
  • Flame-blued spade hands

Clock case

  • Base of the case made of granite
  • Glass canopy with struts made of mirror polished brass and a front door is fitted
  • Clockwork attachment on four solid metal columns
  • Four adjustment screws for leveling the case
  • A spirit level for adjustment is fitted
  • 5 bevelled glasses
  • Optionally available are different types of granite or wood for the base


  • Height x width x depht: 61 x 42 x 31 cms


We offer different possibilities for individualization. The movements can be refined in yellow gold, rhodium or rose gold. The wooden cases can be adapted to existing interior fittings.

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