Set apart from the busy traffic and far away from the hectic bustle of the cities, our workshop is situated in the small Hohenzollern town of Haigerloch in Germany, a town rich in tradition, set in a spectacular location high above the Eyach valley. Haigerloch, the town of plentiful art and cultural monuments – the pearl of the Eyach valley – the lilac town.

Narrow, pretty cobbled streets, magnificent churches, beautifully renovated town houses, the “Römerturm”, an ancient keep which is almost 1000 years old, and a fine view of Haigerloch castle, which dates from about the same time. This is an ideal setting for our occupation and the finest traditions of clockmaking.

At first glance the idyllic and peaceful surroundings of this little medieval town gives us the impression that time has stood still. But on the contrary – in our exclusive clock manufactory it’s all about time. Our team of skilled specialists work high up above the Eyach valley in the historical centre of Haigerloch. Here you find our horological workshop where fine clocks are created, fashioned piece by piece in all the ways of traditional craftsmanship. Many a visitor to Haigerloch stands spellbound on hearing the delicate music floating out from the open windows of the workshop. For here, our team also builds precious music automatons and traditional organ clocks – the only ones in the world today.

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