Repairs & Restoration

Historical material reprocessed

As time permits, repairs and restorations of historic organ clock movements and organ clocks are performed in our workshop. These pieces undergo a refurbishment and cleaning with the same quality and care as its builders would have done 250 years ago. If necessary, missing original parts are replaced by authentic reproduction.

The goal of any musical clock restoration, however, is to preserve as much as possible of the old materials and technology. And this is foremost in the restorer’s mind. Only if an old organ movement is carefully reconstructed in all its aspects can it be bequeathed to future generations.


Music barrel as a real treasure

Through our experience and specialist knowledge, we can also breathe new life into hopelessly damaged organ clocks. Using special techniques even cracked or severely uneven music barrels can be restored to their former performance perfection.

It is always an exciting moment when, at completion of an organ clock repair, the music once more comes to life. The music barrel is a true treasure and musical heritage and it is surely worthwhile to conserve it for the future. Compositions and musical interpretation of the epoch of their creation can only be truly heard on the music barrels of organ clocks. They were the only form of ‘recorded’ music.


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