Organ clocks

The organ clocks

Masterpieces of mechanics and music culture

The Naeschke clockworks develops and manufactures mechanical organ clocks in the finest traditions of classical clockmaking. We will never make reproductions or copies of the older masters.

Our stated goal is to continue the old tradition of the best organ clockmakers. The range of products includes spring and weight-driven movements and all major work is carried out meticulously by hand as it would have been two hundred years ago. We developed our own set of the necessary tools for organ clockmaking as there were no remaining implements available. The extremely sturdy clockworks and the movements are finely finished and the guiding philosophy is to consider any detail and the materials employed for the movements as being part of a decorative aesthetic unity.

Valuable materials and conscientious workmanship

The greatest importance is given to using exquisite, long-standing seasoned woods worked with conscientious craftsmanship during the making of pipes, bellows, wind chests and frames. For over 25 years a specially trained in-house cabinet maker is in charge of manufacturing. Functional parts that are not made of wood consist of polished steel, hardened at all key points.

Diatonic organ movements are developed with 17, 19 and 26 pipes or chromatic if so requested. Each cylinder comes set with the music of the buyer‘s request, individually made and pinned by hand, musically and properly corrected. The goal is to obtain the delicate, subtle tonal sounds of organ clocks of the 18th Century and an intensive study of playing techniques at that time was needed to reproduce authentic musical ornamentation and interpretation.

Repair & Restoration

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Organ clocks

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Birdcage music automaton

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Exceptional, lovable unique pieces

The precise music interpretation and aesthetic unity of all the integrated components ensures durability and make an organ clock a unique and loyal ambassador of a revived branch of mechanical clockmaking.

Our organ clocks are unique worldwide and are presented as complete in-house developments. They are designed and made in close consultation with the customer as individual bespoke pieces. Thus, unusual customer requests such as engraving or special indications are always considered. This particularly applies for the selection of the music compositions pinned onto the music barrel. Developed in addition to the basic models, we build organ movements for mounting into fine pieces of furniture, singing-bird cages and other musical automatons.