Table clock NT 9

All eyes on the dial

The table clock NT 9 is a timepiece of understated elegance. The dial is the highlight of this clock. It is entirely hand-made in elaborate and diverse work steps. Here we have implemented the maximum of artisanal possibility and created a little masterpiece which is singular in its detail.

The matt-blasted and gilded base dial is surrounded by a polished and screwed frame, composed of four individual segments. Engravings in the form of a traditional diamond pattern with flowers engraved in the crossing points which, depending on the angle, flash as starlight. This creates a wonderful image, always different and creating an illusory depth of view. The round chapter rings for time and date are engine-turned in their centre each by hand with a radiating pattern. Engine-turned patterns surround the minutes.

The dials are completed by extremely fine hand engravings of the numerals with Matthias Naeschke-lettering at the indexes. The final matt silvery sheen is applied through the old traditional method of granular pure silvering. Thus perfect legibility of the dial is fully ensured even from a distance.


  • Matthias Naeschke caliber 9
  • Power reserve 14 days
  • Spring drive
  • Main plates of 2 mm brass and 4 solid pillars
  • All brass parts are mirror polished and gilded
  • Pinions and arbors hardened and polished
  • Swiss lever platform escapement with screwed balance
  • Frequency: 14.400 beats per hour
  • 14 ruby bearings


  • Hand-engraved base dial with a fine diamond pattern
  • Finely hand-guilloché and hand-engraved silvered sub dials
  • Flame-blued Breguet hands
  • Date indication on one of the sub dials

Clock Case

  • Cherry wood with a special “Matthias Naeschke” dark stained high-gloss varnish
  • Despite the dark varnish, the wood structure is still visible
  • A bevelled glass on each side of the case
  • Applications of gilded brass
  • Openings for winding and setting of the clock on the reverse side
  • A drawer for the winding key is fitted
  • Different wood types and colours are available


Height x width x depht: 24,5 x 16,5 x 11 cms


  • Nut wood case in high-gloss varnish
  • The dial of the clock can be engraved upon customer’s request
  • Diamond impregnation on the dial
  • We offer different possibilities for individualization. The movements can be refined in yellow gold, rhodium or rose gold. The wooden cases can be adapted to existing interior fittings.


Compact time and date

A highly polished cherrywood case with faceted glasses on either side provides a clear view of the immaculately finished, gilded movement. Extremely fine gearing mounted in 14 rubies is running between trapezoidal main plates transmitting the driving force of the 14-day mainspring to a platform with a Swiss Made lever escapement. A screwed balance beating 14.400 per hour ensures the accuracy of this timepiece. In addition to the time is a most important function of daily necessities - the date is displayed in the same large-dial format.

The winding and the setting of the clock is performed through small openings in the rear of the case and a drawer accommodates the winding key. The solid, damped construction of the wooden case muffles all escapement noise. With its compact dimensions of 16.5 x 11 x 24.5cm (W x D x H), this clock NT 9 is perfectly suited to find its place on desks, sideboards or on fine furniture.

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