Wall clocks and regulators

Pieces of horological art that set the rhythm of life

Living or working spaces are always an expression of the personal attitude to life and invite you to stay or work in them. The atmosphere of well-being does not come automatically. It must be created individually according to personal needs. Apart from furniture, it is the decorative items in particular that ensure harmony and comfort in these rooms. These can be cherished souvenirs from faraway journeys, the exclusive art object purchased at auction or even the inherited antique, which one likes to look at and enjoy again and again.

A beautiful wall clock can also create such a positive attitude towards life. One enjoys the quiet ticking and, when looking at the mechanical clockwork for a longer period of time, one can observe how the hands move slowly and steadily, showing us how important "time" is.

Regulator NR 110

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Regulator NR 366

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Designing ambience with style and flair

Wall clocks, also called regulators, are an integral part of the wide selection of clocks manufactured in our workshop. The noblesse of our regulators blends perfectly with an exclusive interior design, whether classic or modern. As true jewels, our regulators adorn large and small rooms alike and offer the unique opportunity to create ambience in style and always at the right pace. The nobility of our regulators merges with an exclusive interior design in perfect manner, regardless of whether it is classic or modern. These clocks decorate large and small spaces as true pieces of treasure and provide a unique opportunity to create ambience and style always in the correct manner.

Fine and exquisite wooden clock cases and highly precise clock movements are combined in the best quality of workmanship. are individually combined by us according to customer wishes. As a clock manufactory, we have every opportunity to design and manufacture our customers' very own personal clock. Whether it is a majestic regulator with an 8-month movement and a leisurely swinging seconds pendulum or a small eight day runner with less space requirement - with each new Naeschke regulator, a unique piece is created that suits the specific preferences and the desired lifestyle of its future owner.

The individual pieces

As unique as their future owner

Choosing an antique or industrially manufactured clock generally provides us a timepiece that does not correspond entirely to the personal taste. Certainly it will be missing the good feeling that this piece was made personally for its buyer.

The individual pieces