Longcase clocks

Longcase clocks and precision clocks

Exclusive symbol of peace and comfort

Living spaces are an expression of personal taste and desired functionality. Well thought-out furniture creates the necessary storage space and a comfortable sofa is placed exactly where you like to be and offers the best view. Decorative accessories and furnishings are of course also a must. A family heirloom, a precious designer vase and much more complete this very personal world. If the ambience is pleasing, we feel comfortable. So what fits in better than a grandfather clock or a precision pendulum clock? These complete the rest of the furnishings perfectly and convey a sense of comfort and tranquillity with their quiet ticking and swinging pendulum.

In our manufactory we offer a variety of grandfather clocks and precision pendulum clocks to suit individual tastes. We build them individually according to the wishes and exact ideas of our customers. Series production in the conventional sense does not exist with us. Of course, certain basic models of grandfather clocks and precision pendulum clocks are part of the program of our manufactory. We present these on the following pages. Nevertheless, each silver dial is a unique piece in itself and the movement and case are always produced after receipt of the order in the desired colour combinations of our customers.

Classical clockmaking meets innovative technology

If it should be even more individual, we also design, in addition to our movements, grandfather clock cases and dials, which - matching the respective furnishing style - complement and complete the living space. Should the clockwork contain further complications? For us as clockmakers and clock designers this is no problem. In more than 35 years of our activity we have been allowed to produce many grandfather clocks with additional displays and striking mechanisms, which are unique in the world. Such a clock rightly bears an engraving that reads: "Piece Unique"!

Longcase clock NL 125 GG

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Longcase clock NL 125 RH

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Longcase clock NL 126 GG

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Longcase clock NL 126 RH

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Long running clockworks as an outstanding symbol of technical competence

A speciality of our manufactory are grandfather clocks with a particularly long running time. In order to build such long-running movements, a great deal of experience is required in the use of gear teeth and optimal power transmission. For example, we were the first to integrate precision ball bearings into a mechanical clockwork, thus reducing the friction and wear of a gear train to an absolute minimum. A very unique rake striking mechanism with a reduced weight drop was designed for these long running clocks and our own escapements with circular ruby pallets are further outstanding examples of the many innovations in our grandfather clocks.

The dial

Exclusive face of all Naeschke clocks

Not without reason the dial is mentioned in professional circles as being the face of a clock. In our clockworks much attention is devoted to this fact. Whether printed in Roman or Arabic numerals or engraved by hand, every line and every line thickness is precisely determined beforehand. Numerous variants of a dial can be designed, compared, discussed and the forms of hands are chosen. Then when the draft release is made by our clockmakers, a dial becomes part of an exclusive Matthias Naeschke clock movement.

The dial