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In late autumn 2018 we exhibited at Salon QP in London – this time together with our friends of the AHCI. Once again it was a showcase of fine clock- and watchmaking with many visitors and great interest in our luxurious timepieces. At this international event we got a lot of praise for our handcrafted manufactory-pieces.

Copying can be seen as a compliment to one's own work. We, on the other hand, are rather less flattered by what is being shown at the Shenzhen Watch Fair these days. An entire exhibition stand full of Chinese plagiarisms of European clocks. In addition to plagiarized clocks from some of our friendly clock manufacturers, there are also cheap style copies of our clocks.

The gilded movement of or new table clock NT 11 with four large wheels in the gear train, designed in the classic golden ratio, is skeletonized in the typical Naeschke style. It rests on four Tuscan columns, each composed of six separate parts. Behind the clockwork, the compensation pendulum oscillates in half-second intervals. It is the first time we have adapted our proven principle of dual drive weights to a table clock. This made it possible to produce a 7-day mechanism with very compact dimensions and a very stable accuracy over the entire running period.

Baselworld 2018 is over - it was a great show! Once again we have managed to delight visitors of this international event with our attractive and luxurious timepieces. Also our latest table clock NT 11 attracted great interest and brought a sparkle to the eyes of trade visitors and enthusiasts. At the AHCI booth in Hall 2.0 we were able to welcome interested national and international visitors from all over the world and we were well motivated by the positive feedback for our clocks.

Our new picture catalogue has arrived these days and is waiting to be discovered and read by you!

This attractive medium, which has developed into a popular reference book, has been revised and supplemented with our new models. On 36 pages you get the most important information about the execution and technology of our exclusive timepieces "Made in Germany". With lots of great, large-format photos we take you to our world of finest clockmaking. We hope you enjoy reading our new pubilcation and discovering our handmade clocks.

In addition to our existing clock collection, we design and produce very special - and often very complicated - clocks for our customers. Just recently we completed the most complicated table clock which has ever left our manufactory. The movement is mounted on a dark wooden base protected by a solid, rhodium-plated glass shade with two doors. The going train and striking mechanism of this exclusive timepiece are driven each by barrel and fusee. A Swiss lever platform escapement with a screw balance is fitted inside the movement.

Munichtime 2017

From October 27th to October 29th, 2017, for the 10th time the Munichtime show attracted many watch and clock enthusiasts to the Hotel Bayerischer Hof in Munich. We again have been there to present our handmade timepieces. At a new, very attractive stand, we took the opportunity to take the interested visitors into the exquisite world of our clocks.

NR 110

Anyone looking for a classic regulator in the reduced style of the great French precision pendulum clocks will find exactly that in our model NR 110. This regulator embodies all the typical characteristics of a Naeschke longcase clock in a smaller size. Starting with the case, through to the 12-facetted weight-shell up to the pendulum, one can immediately recognize the unmistakable hallmark of our clockworks.